Version 0.2 is live!

The latest update to the demo introduces some new features to improve the gameplay experience as well as optimizing performance. There is also now a Linux build available.


  • Fixed the anchor positioning on the turn order display, it will now anchor to the right side of the screen at all aspect ratios
  • Added the ability to zoom in and out so that you can see more of the level
  • Added mouse controls to control camera rotation and zoom. Scroll up and down on the scroll wheel to zoom, press the scrollwheel and move the mouse to rotate. HUD displays for the controls have not been added yet.
  • Walking animations have been smoothed. This was especially apparent when there were frame drops, but characters would lock in position on tiles for a frame . Characters positions are now interpolated between tiles to prevent this.
  • Graphics options have been added to the game, and the options menu is now also available from the title screen. The graphics options allow you to control the resolution and animation refresh rate of the character portraits in the UI. UI Camera refresh rates are staggered so that the load doesn't land all on the same frame.
  • Button objects have been added to the arrow indicators in the gear screen, as well as a cancel button so that the UI can be controlled entirely by mouse if it is preferred. Full mouse controls for selecting levels in the world map will be implemented later.
  • An improved attack indicator has been implemented. If you are highlighting a tile that would put you out of range to attack, attack indicators become greyed out.
  • You can now equip the water badge, though there are no water levels yet.

v.0.2.1 fixes:

  • Several cameras remained active when their render textures were inactive, this has been fixed and should improve performance if you have had fill rate problems on older hardware.
  • Similarly, the fade out panel remained active even when fully transparent, it is now disabled when not animating. This should also improve fill rate problems on older hardware.
  • All sprites have been packed into an atlas, limiting the number of draw calls to render the HUD and other displays.
  • The default UI material has been replaced with a material using a leaner shader.
  • The trees were previously made up of two separate materials, they are now stitched together in a single atlas which should make for better batched draw calls.
  • The character portraits in the dialogue window used to render camera output to the full screen, they now render to a smaller render texture and are cropped below the dialogue box to avoid redundant pixels being drawn.

If you have had issues playing at good speeds at higher resolutions, v.0.2.1 should bring performance up quite a bit.

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Nov 15, 2017

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